How to Make a Memorable Statement on Your Artwork Album Cover

Creative Student Painting At The University

Creating an album of artwork is a milestone in any creative’s career. Whether it’s a first collection, done for coursework, or debuting a collection to a wider audience who may want to appreciate the artwork for years to come at home, it too must become a work of art.

There are several ways to create an album of artwork as an artist or musician. Finding a way to integrate your artist statement into the overall product, and guiding viewers through it is an important way for viewers to gain a deeper appreciation of the work.

Album artwork is a statement in itself. Let’s explore some of the ways that an album of artwork can integrate the artist statement.

Composing Your Artist Statement

This is truly the first step in communicating the importance of your work after it is finished, as an artist. The work is impactful on its own, and it should be, but many viewers and listeners will wonder what drove you to create in such a way.

To begin with, note that an artist statement is not a biography. That is a separate statement and a different type of writing.

An artist statement will be about the collection of works. What was going on creatively at the time the artwork was created? Were you inspired by something in particular? When the paintbrush met the canvas, was there a mission behind the strokes? When the lyrics or music were being composed, what was the process that motivated you?

Keeping the “Why” and “How” in mind, tell a story to readers. Guide them through the work, as if the artist was present with them.

Then, get a second opinion on the statement to make sure the ideas are effectively communicated.

Showing Your Artist Statement

Now that you’ve written artist statement and revised it, taking a step back to connect it with the artwork specifically is the next task.

When creating an album for artwork, the artist gets to showcase their mission and their artwork all in one. The artist might also choose to retain mystery around these as well, there is no right or wrong way to go about this.

Play around with these ideas, as this is the last piece of artwork to go with the collection. You’ll want it to represent the collection, and the artist, as well as possible.Be sure to customize your book cover. Using both images of your artwork and snippets of the artist statement can help set the tone and mindset for readers.

Perhaps pull an impactful quote from the statement and placing it on the cover as a subtitle. Integrate your artist statement into the album cover, to guide them into the mindset and the story your artwork creates. You are inviting them into your process, your creations, and your work. 

Ready to Create Your Artwork Album?

Are you ready to communicate your artist statement along with your artwork? Let us know what creative ways you have used tools to make your work stand out from the rest!