Photography Post Production for Photographers

Post Production Services for Photographers

“Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.”

Martin Parr

Photography is considered as a passion for some people and a profession for others. 

Whichever is your case, you still want to grab the attention of your potential viewers or clients, don’t you?  

To make your image work the way you want, you have to ensure that those photos are more stunning and eye-catchy. 

That’s where the necessity of photography post production Services comes in.

The era of digitalization has become so intense that without processing, photographers do not set their foot on the next steps. 

Thus, the word ‘post production’ has engraved its importance much more just than it sounds. 

What is Post Production in Photography?

Photography post production is the combination of works that starts after we get the raw photos in our hand. 

As it says, whole production works are done in this part. Many photographers acknowledge it as the 2nd phase of photography. 

It includes all the editing parts which are required to get the final output. 

It is essential and the post-transformation result really amazes everyone. 

Post Production Processing

Photographers have their very own signature style of photography which sets them apart from one another. 

Though their way of photography differentiates, the process doesn’t. It remains the same as always.  

To put it simply, post production photography is an elaborative procedure. 

Let us show you the process briefly. 

  1. Starting with raw photos. 

Working on a raw file is always suggested. 

As the pixels of raw files contain more detailed and subtle forms of the surroundings, so it is absolutely convenient on working without the fear of image degradation. 

  1. Photo edit applications. 

Photo editing software works wonders. There are various pieces of software designed to fulfill people’s demands. For example- 

  • Raw therapee, FSViewer, UFRAW, Darktable are used for raw files. 
  • Adobe Photoshop, Gimp are used for JPG files. 

Photoshop is always ahead of the curve. 

  1. Required editing. 

Precise editing is required to remove distracting objects and to have incredible photos. 

There are various types of editing works, such as-  

  • Clipping path
  • Photo retouching 
  • Background removal
  • Cropping
  • Tonal balance
  • Color correction
  • Exposure and contrast
  • Distractions removal
  • Noise
  • Sharpness 

Make sure to select the tools that suitably harmonize with your style. 

  1. Publish or Print 

You have decided what kind of alteration you are going to make and have executed them as planned. Now print the images out or publish. 

Despite having many formats for images like- TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG to be printed out, JPEG is the universal format to work out. 

Pick the format you want your images. For example, if your image is 72PPI (pixels per inch), it is low resolution, ideal for web use. However, an image consisting of more than 150DPI (dots per inch) is considered high resolution and perfect for printing. 

Work is done! 

Why is post production important? 

You might think, is it necessary? 

Yes, it is! It can change a reaction to ‘hmm’ from ‘wow’! 

Don’t underestimate the power of post production! A subtle touch of post production can pay off your hard work. 

Learning post production work is much appreciated however the complications will take a lot of time for a novice to get the hang of it. 

Therefore, the easiest way would be seeking help, and it is highly recommended if you are up to fulfilling your business purpose and are to satisfy your clients’ requirements. 

To avoid jumping through hoops, you better find and consult with the companies/ agencies that provide these types of professional photo editing services. It will ultimately save you time and money. 

Post Production Services for Photographers

Post production brings out the lucrative appearance of an image and enhances its quality. 

As a result, the importance of post production has exceeded people’s imagination. 

It is as important as photography itself. 

Lion’s share of the success of a photographer’s skill depends on this. 

The wide area of post production is not limited to any particular task, rather it is a combination of various types of services a photographer can ask for, such as- 

  • Clipping Path 
  • Color Correction 
  • Ghost Mannequin 
  • Image Masking 
  • Photo Editing 
  • E-commerce Image Editing
  • Drop Shadow 
  • Image Manipulation 
  • Photo Retouching 
  • Background Removal
  • Raster to Vector 

However, all these services aim to serve a single purpose, and that is to make the images more appealing to viewers or clients and satisfy their needs. 

As a photographer, you will definitely want the best shot to retain. For that reason, you need to be assured of fixing the flaws and making the best use of manipulation to put the images close to reality. 

Not to mention, some works done in the post-production section actually require distinctive skills. In those cases, slight incompetence may cause serious hamper. Being cautious and seeking help can save both your money and time. 

Where Can I Find Photography Post Production Services? 

The influence of post production service is unfathomable. Many agencies and companies like Cobwebs Design have raised their curtains in this sector and are doing their business just fine. 

Among the wide array, you can consider these following post production/ service providers-  

  • Outsourcing photo editing
  • Ecommerce image editing
  • Professional photoshop services
  • Photo editing service for photographers

It doesn’t end here. 

Before entrusting any agency, you have to consider answers to these following questions, which are- 

  1. How long is the company/agency working in this field? 
  2. What is the technology they use? Are those updated? 
  3. Check out their samples and quality. 
  4. What is their turnaround time? 
  5. Details about price policy. 
  6. Are they loyal to confidentiality?  

These answers will eventually assist you to find the best one for completing your task. And you can be assured of having flawless results. 

Final Thoughts

People tend to seek perfection. Therefore, making a photo technologically perfect is a lot easier than doing it manually. 

Accepting photography post production services in your photo means you are allowing your photos to reach another level of astonishment and excellence. 

It will bound your viewers to behold the images you captured and reminisce them of a memory that will be still vivid years after!