How to Learn Photography in Quarantine

How To Learn Photography In Quarantine

The large clock needle moves slowly as your eyes follow its slightest movement. “One less minute until the day ends.” you sigh. 

You’ve already learned how to bake bread, how to macramé a plant-pot holder, you moved your bed to the opposite wall… You have even picked up those forgotten brushes so you could paint by numbers. You have done everything except leaving the house. If in the past that would be worrying behavior, nowadays we must congratulate you on it!

It is fair to say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Perhaps not extraordinary as in “We’ve won the lottery even though we stopped playing five years ago!” but more along the lines of “What is even going on anymore?!” It can be hard to find normality or even soul-strength while dealing with a pandemic in an ever-changing world. We want you to know that it is more than okay to feel confused and alienated, but we also need you to know there are ways to make it better!

You’ve already figured out one of those ways: learning a new hobby. Mental health is as vital as physical health, so engaging in a new activity distracts your brain from all the stressful things while giving you the great feeling of having accomplished something. 

Moments Fleet, Photography Does Not

While this particular period in time may not feel like something worth remembering, consider this: what if your parents deemed your three-year-old, red-faced tantrum as a moment to forget? If they hadn’t snapped that infamous picture, what would you be laughing about now?

We often don’t recognize the value of the present; we are far too busy living it! The truth is, we all share that feeling of warm nostalgia when looking at fond memories. And there is no better way of capturing moments than photography. These extraordinary times will definitely go down in history. Will you be able to remember the fun details of your quarantine, or will time wash over your private experiences, giving place to a shared narrative? When you’re seventy, will you recall the collective feeling of turmoil over your very first loaf of bread? Happier not to. When thinking of photography, your brain will probably lead you to those images of people barely handling their three-hundred enormous camera lenses. That isn’t entirely inaccurate but, quite honestly, to take pictures all you need is your cell phone.

Photography is an art, and like any art, its operation and results are always subjective. You don’t need to capture the Aurora Borealis to produce a beautiful image. Photography, in its essence, is encapsulating your own particular view of the world – and that perspective is unique! This is our suggestion for making your days a bit easier: taking up photography as a hobby. With this new pastime, reality is what you click it.

Stop Cutting People’s Heads off; Learn Photography

In addition to being a great hobby, photography grants you a whole lot of puns. You can yell “I may snap at any time!” while holding your camera at unsuspicious people. You are able to shoot friends, frame them, and then hang them up. You won’t get arrested for flashing in public. You might even get a photographic memory but the most important thing is: adjust your focus!

Photography can be this unpresumptuous if you don’t pressure yourself while having fun with it. Henri Cartier-Bresson’s first photos were as bad as Nigella Lawson’s first attempts at cooking. Both of them didn’t get discouraged and quit. Neither should you. Learning photography doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher! It can be done from the comfort of your own home, and we are here to help you with that. Here are a few ways for you to become the next family photographer:

  • Online Courses

One of the most well-rounded ways you can learn this craft from home is by taking an online Photography course. Quick browsing will present you with many options, from text to video; some of the classes are free! Being a first-timer, we suggest you take a more general approach instead of starting with a niche field in Photography. We advise you to initiate with the essentials like camera settings, light, and framing. Luckily for you, there are a lot of great online course platforms around!  

  • Join a Photography Forum 

Is there something you cannot figure out? There is probably someone online who can help you. It is always advantageous to learn from others, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to online Photography forums. They are communities of people who have experience in the craft or even beginners like yourself! You get to take part in conversations that can bring you new ideas and help you on your path! Expose your doubts, concerns, or curiosities, and debate them with people with all kinds of points of view. Remember: sharing is caring!

  • Get Inspired

Explore the portfolios of other photographers as a source of inspiration! When you

expose yourself to the works of others, you start training your eye for Photography. Artistic sensitivity should be cultivated in order to excel behind a camera. Little by little you’ll find yourself more attentive to those small details that make great photos! 

  • Trial and Error

Nobody is born a professional. At some point in our paths, we are all amateurs. The only way to overcome it is to keep making mistakes as well as learning from them. Don’t get frustrated or angry at your first attempts; treat them with affection, for they are your entryway to becoming great. It is tempting to compare ourselves with others, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy nor productive. Focus on your path and growth, and keep working on your talent to see it flourish by its own rights. 

In Conclusion

Amidst the whirlwind known as 2020, there are some moments worth registering; Photography helps you understand that everything is a matter of perspective. It encourages you to look at things from multiple angles, and that outlook can be very positive in life. The world may recall this year as a misadventure of Humanity – you have the power to think of it as the year you started making memories. We wish you all the best and hope you have a lot of fun rediscovering your house through a camera! Thanks for reading!