10 Most Painful Places To Get Tattooed

10 Most Painful Places To Get Tattooed 1

Every person has a pain threshold based on his or her endurance and tolerance for the stress applied on. Clearly, there is no simple scale to measure how much one can experience, but getting a tattoo is a straightforward test about how much one can stand before keeling.

For some, getting a tattoo could be a torture because of how much pain they go through. Many people stop on the first one while others go on to cover a large portion of their bodies with color. Still, in the human body, there are places that hurt more when it comes to getting tattoos, according to tattoo shops in Evansville Indiana.

In this article, we will go get into detail about 10 most painful places to get tattooed.

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that the area on your body that have more flesh like arms, back, upper shoulder, etc., will hurt way lesser than the areas that have not much flesh, when you are getting a tattoo.

Without further ado, let us get into the details about the pain sensitive areas:


If you remember the pain when you bumped your elbow, you know the place is too rich with nerve endings and can accept pain easily. Since, you will find no protective muscle between the bone and the skin, this makes the elbow a tender place to get a tattoo. The skin is not deep and you would have needle pricking your bone if you decide to have some paint on it.


Back is one of the least painful areas to get tattoos, the spine is a whole different story. It is a hyper-sensitive area with a lot of nerve endings. Spinal cord is the part of the nervous system so it should not come as a surprise that it is too much painful to have a tattoo there.


As stated in the earlier section, getting a tattoo on the ribcage area is not a lot of fun. The reason is the less muscle between the bone and the skin. There will be instants when the needle would even be going through the muscle to the bone and it will be too hurtful.


The vibration of the tattoo pen alone will be enough to get you on your knees with excruciating pain. It does not matter if you go for outer knee cap area or the soft inside the knee region, you are in for some deep pain.


This is a super-sensitive region for anyone. The majority of the people are ticklish and cannot stand too much touch, let alone extreme vibrations and piercing. Even, you will find ample buffer here between the bone and the skin, the area has a deep network of neurons that will not make it worth your while to have a tattoo there.


It is another area where there is not much flesh to pad the severe vibration from getting to the bone. If you are still interested in getting a tattoo on your ankle, there is a slight difference between coloring the inside or the outside of the ankle. If you remain as close to the ball area of the ankle, the procedure would be too much painful because of the close contact with the bone.


Just like back and spine, there is chest and sternum. While chest could be a “safer” place to get tattooed, you need to pull a lot of strings to get one on your sternum – the middle part of the chest.

Generally, it depends on how much buff you have in this area. For the skinny guys with none to lesser flesh there, it could be a nightmare because of how much pain they could have to ensure to get a tattoo there.


If you are planning on getting a tattoo anywhere around the neck area, you are in for a painful ride. It is not the same if you explore different locations on your neck. For instance, the side of the neck has a lot of nerve endings and so on, which means you will feel severe pain from the pen and the vibration. On the other hand, the back of the neck is a great place to paint with the needle because there is maple flesh and tight skin. So, getting one on the back of the neck will save you risk and pain.


As long as you are out of the tattoo parlor, you are done with the pain and procedure, right? Wrong!

After getting a tattoo, you need to make sure that the area might not get infected from water and exposure to bacteria and pathogens. So, think in through if you are planning to put your genitals on the table.

The places with nerve endings have the most reception for pain. Your penis, vagina, and testicles have deep and intertwined network of nerve endings that will trigger up once they are under the vibrating pen filled with dyes.


This should not come as a surprise, but still head is also one of the most painful places to have a tattoo. With no muscle or mass to buffer the vibrations from getting the skull, you will feel tremendous pain and sensations from the start because of a network of neurons close to the main nervous system center.