4 Graphic Designing Trends For Success In 2021

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Graphic designing is all about being aesthetic in the sense that it depicts creativity and passion while communicating ideas or solving problems. Every designer out there knows how to provide designs, make use of images, symbols, topography by instilling a magical touch of colors. 

In today’s contemporary global environment, the art of being artistic with graphics has metamorphosed into an inherent part of businesses. Essentially, if a particular business is unable to convey its purpose to potential clients, generating positive sales becomes quite hard.

Just as we quote: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Simply put, in professional terms, the picture is what portrays your business, thus grabbing the attention of customers. So, if you’re looking forward to being a graphic designer or choosing an adept graphic design service, remember these 4 graphic designing trends here to stay for the year 2021.

Art Deco

Considered as a cogent visual art design that popped up after the great World War I, Art Deco comprises practical art motifs in an eclectic style. You can expect all the imagery and materials dating back to the Machine Age. The Deco style is often classified as a result of its bold curves, deluxe colors, geometric structure, and motion lines.

Regardless of the fact that this design is a hundred years old, it still holds the potential of making a strong comeback. Applied correctly to any theme, you can create some modernly streamlined layouts.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Over the past few years, you might have noticed a striking similarity in advertisement layouts and web pages. However, 2021 has declared that layout “a thing of the past” while introducing grid layouts scattered and asymmetrical.  

According to the layout, the information would be presented in a traditional format of squares and rectangles. This compels the user to bring up that curiosity to ponder where the graphics and information would move next. Eventually, it would lead to more website viewing time by the users.

The Glitch Effect

Just as the name suggests, the glitch effect was more of a design mistake that turned out to be one of the coolest designs of all time. Funny how things turn out to be; it’s essentially a distorted image, turned to create meaning. It’s the layers of varying colors and the absence of regularity that helps in forming the effect.

As far as real applications are concerned, the glitch effect is sought perfect for horror movies. However, since 2018, this trend has taken over the graphic design domain by storm. Based on the trends, it will stay throughout 2021.

Complex Gradients and Duotones

The year 2020 was just gradient everywhere. Even companies like Microsoft, Fast, and Apple embraced it pretty eagerly and which is why this trend has decided to stay this year as well. Putting a bit of a complex gradient to your design actually depicts a certain depth, which looks flawless on smartphones. So, if you are thinking of giving a youthful look to your brand, consider going with this design.

On the contrary, duotones is another graphic design that settles perfectly with other trends. An image with a duotone removes all the blacks and whites, replacing them with two colors. This gives the designer freedom to fabricate any image which corresponds exquisitely with the client’s brand personality.


There’s no doubt that the year 2021 will be quite exciting in the realm of graphic designing. With fortifying development in this field, graphic designers are always engaged in challenging their creativity. The predictions are here in front of you! Now’s your turn to decide on how to utilize these trends and achieve your goals. Not only can you use these styles across the web design, but they are ideal for printing, logo designing, etc.  If you are planning to get any webpage or logo designed for your business, be sure to check in at ONE STEP. As competent graphic designers in Canada, we emphasize getting you connected with our highly professional graphic designers.