Dr. Markesha Miller – Making a Difference, One Mind at a Time

Dr. Markesha Miller Making a Difference, One Mind at a TimeAn individual’s life is riddled with challenges and hurdles that they constantly need to address in order to succeed in life. The said challenges can be of various types, including problems in the work environment, living up to the expectations of one’s superiors, and managing one’s personal tasks. These challenges, although different in nature, have a similar impact on an individual’s psychological wellbeing. Psychological stress has been reportedly proven to negatively impact an individual’s productivity, leaving them feeling incompetent and distanced from society. One such person trying to combat mental health deterioration in society is Markesha Miller: an American mental health expert, licensed psychotherapist, and consultant.

Although more openly discussed nowadays, the topic of mental health was considered taboo not until too long ago. Being expressive of one’s emotions was considered an act of showing weakness, and it was hence frowned upon by society. Prolonged dullness and constant mood shifts were simply taken as tiredness and their only remedy would be “a good night’s sleep”. However, the truth was the opposite of what was believed. The feelings they suppressed each day would come back to haunt them in the future in the shape of serious mental complications, more often than not rendering them unable to cope in society. Mental health issues – including the ones discussed above – have existed since the advent of the human race, however, they were not discussed in the early years, hence the taboo and stigma around them. People were forced to suppress their feelings and maintain a façade of happiness and contentment because of the judgments passed down by society.

Dealing with rejection, disappointment, and life’s hurdles takes a toll on a person’s mind, leading them to start focusing more on the futility of life instead of the beauty of it. Slowly but surely, societies have evolved, and they now acknowledge the existence and importance of mental health issues in a person’s life. Owing to the increasing advancements in psychology and mental health research, society is becoming more aware of the consequences of denying or repressing one’s inner thoughts and feelings. Dr. Markesha Miller is one of the people who are trying to spread the word about mental well-being and mindfulness. She devotes all her efforts to elevating the mental burden of others and teaching them to embrace their inner selves.

Dr. Miller was born on 24th February 1979 in Monroe, North Carolina. From her early years, she had an interest in the human psyche and wanted to uncover the realities of this vast and intriguing field. Growing up, she came to know how dangerous it can be to have a disturbed mind and not pay attention to it. She saw a general lack of knowledge about mental health in society and decided to eliminate this gap through her efforts. Therefore, she pursued a career in psychiatry and enrolled at the University of South Carolina to gain a strong educational background in this field. She successfully secured her B. A, E.Ds, and Ph.D. from there. After gaining in-depth knowledge about the human mind, she discovered that eliminating this issue was easier said than done. Although greatly regressed, the denial of one’s mental health needs was something that has continued to exist over the years and has become a plague in today’s society – and hence, a taboo that has existed for so long cannot be made to vanish into thin air in no time.

More often than not, cases of suicides, crimes, physical assault, household disturbances, etc. are a result of poor mental health paired with problematic social conditioning. During her studies, Dr. Miller discovered that something as minor as relationship problems could grow to the extent of domestic abuse just because an individual was exposed to a similar environment during their childhood. Someone whose childhood involved a constant occurrence of domestic conflict and/or abuse has a great chance of being the perpetrator of domestic abuse in their own relationship. Dr. Miller understood that, without being able to recognize their innermost feelings and embracing them, individuals cannot emerge victorious against psychological problems and are sure to continue suffering indefinitely.

During her 18-year career, she has stayed true to her path and made all possible efforts to help people realize the roots of their problems in order to address them effectively. She has actively published on various human psychology and multicultural pedagogy topics. She has participated in numerous presentations that addressed the issues faced by women of color. In order to reach a vaster audience and spread awareness on the importance of mindfulness efficiently, she decided to take a more public approach. She was the former host of “Therapy Thursday” on Watch-TV 57, and currently hosts the show “On the Mark with Dr. Markesha.”

Moreover, she founded the Marguerite C. Blackwell Foundation, which focuses on addressing people’s mental issues in rural regions. She is also the owner and clinical director of Holistic Psychological Associates and serves as an adjunct Professor for the University of South California. Dr. Miller has made it her life’s mission to eliminate the negative effects of mental trauma from society. She believes that only by correctly educating society can there be hope for a more stabilized and content life for the people, and is, without a doubt, working endlessly to achieve her noble goal.