Salman Khoshroo, Palette Knife Portraits and Figures

Creative Palette Knife Portraits And Figures 01

After a few intermittent years in Iran he went to study in the Australian National University, where he received his degree in Digital Art. Ever since he has based himself in Iran and makes art through his studio in Tehran. “I have always strived to interpret the human condition through the painting; In the future I hope to further apprehend these ideas and materials”.

Working with a large palette knife and thick globs of oil paint, Tehran-based artist Salman Khoshroo creates large-scale figures and portraits that practically drip from the canvas. The scale on a computer or mobile screen can be quite deceiving, as most of these pieces are several feet tall, composed of enormously precise strokes that veer toward abstraction while eventually leading to a cohesive figure. Most of the paintings seen here were created for a 2015 show at Azad Gallery and an exhibition earlier this year at Shirin Gallery.

creative-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-1 creative-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-9 creative-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-77 creative-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-99 palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-by-salman-khoshroo-99 palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-by-salman-khoshroo palette-knife-portraits-and-figures salman-khoshroo-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-99 salman-khoshroo-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures wonderful-palette-knife-portraits-and-figures-by-salman-khoshroo

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