Creative Artwork : Functional Wood Sculptures by Jaehyo Lee

Creative Artwork Sculptures By Jaehyo Lee

Korean artist Jaehyo Lee creates functional wooden sculptures, such as stools, as well as abstract shapes. His Transformations series makes use of of meshes of logs and bent nails, which have been planed to form cross sections that reveal the structure of the materials within.

This impression that the spaces between the trunks have been filled with a black substance is due to shade work and carbonization effects. He also realizes the same kind of works with nails and stones.

Jaehyo Lee has never been one to take the quick and easy options when it comes to creating his artworks and each one requires an extraordinary amount of physical work to make. His sculptures are produced by himself and a team of artisans from his workshop in Yangpyeong and a lot of them make use of scrap timber.


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