Wonderful Nature Landscapes of Canada by Artur Stanisz

Wonderful Nature Landscapes of Canada by Artur Stanisz

Artur Stanisz is a talented photographer, traveler and explorer from Brzostek, Poland who currently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Artur explores the hidden beauty of British Columbia, Baffin Island and Canadian Arctic, Canadian Rockies, Yukon and Patagonia.

“I spend majority of my time hiking and exploring local trails trying to capture on my photos areas less frequently photographed, yet stunning in their pristine beauty”, he says. Stanisz uses Nikon D800 and Nikon D810 camera.

“I derive my photography foundation exactly on this idea of capturing unique and unrepeatable junctures. Then, I combine my approach with onsite natural landscape experiences enforced by the level of uncertainty and adventure. “

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