7 Essential Tips for Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drones can capture what no other camera or devices can. It is an amazing invention in itself. With more and more people clicking and uploading pictures every day, drone photography has become quite popular as you are able to click pictures from any angle you like. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind while using drones to capture photos:

1. Location Survey

To ensure high quality pictures, the location plays a major role. Therefore, survey the location for photography in advance to capture the best pictures possible. This will give you a big advantage in knowing the best angles to do photography. One should keep in mind the sites where the lighting and background are most suitable. Also, check the distance from where drone photography has to be done along with the height.

2. Optimum Perspective

The height from where the photographs have to be taken should be optimum. The drone should not be too high or low. At certain elevations, the pictures are less clearer than when the drone is placed at a lower height. Same is the case when the drone is placed too low. So, it is only at certain heights that the drone can capture the best.

3. Keep A Weather Check

For an effective drone photography, one needs to keep a track of the weather pattern. Sometimes when the wind is blowing fast or is too harsh, the photographs to be taken from the drone become blur as the wind blows so swiftly that the drone can face a serious damage. As we go higher and higher from the ground, the force of wind increases and this can cause disturbances in the working of the drone. That is why, it is important to keep a check on the weather in order to ensure high quality drone photographs.

4. Practice Your Art of Flying Drones

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So, if you are an expert in flying and managing your drone then that will give you the best quality pictures. The hands-on experience for such a photography is a must. One should know the lines and patterns well. Flying a drone in an expert manner is not difficult once you have practiced it well.

5. Practice Safe Drone Photography

The review of drones on sites like HellCopters.com show that drones can prove to be destructive if not handled properly. If a drone is out of battery, it can destroy its own mechanism and gear system by crashing suddenly. In case one wants to fly the drone in a crowded place, one should be extra careful and not hurt any bystanders in the process. While flying drones, one should follow the safety measures and drone laws. Drones are powerful tools and hence must be used with utmost care.

6. Keep the Pace of The Drone Slow

Keeping the pace of the drone fast is not recommended. If you want a perfect picture, then you should keep the pace of the drone slow. The speed of the drone while taking the pictures should be not be too fast as this can lead to blurred pictures. If one wants to take good quality pictures, nothing is better than a drone that flies slowly.

7. Plan the Course of The Flight and Timing

Planning the course of the drone flight is very important along with the photography time. Whether the photographs have to be taken during the day or night has to be thought beforehand to get the best quality pictures. The target location should be well planned along with the height and distance from which the photographs have to be taken. Pre-planning is a must for drone photography.


Write by Emily : She has been closely following the technological advancements of drones. She contributes at HellCopters and has been enthusiastic about drones for a long time.

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