Magnificent Photographs of Dancers in the Streets

Streets Dancers Photographs Higher Education Featuring Catherine Donato

Shawn Danker, a Singapore-based photojournalist, has edited the project “Shall We Dance” for which he dances dancers outside the walls of their studios and stage boards. From Singapore to Melbourne via Tokyo, he travels the world to capture the beauty of these dancers in unusual urban environments. Indeed, for Shawn Danker, this project is as much about artists as about the places in which they dance.

“They are there to interact with the environment so that when we look at the photographs, we understand that the dancers are in these places for a reason,” says the photographer. “Shall We Dance” is a project in progress and the artist will continue to pose his poetic look on urban architecture and dance.

Fake Pole Dancing, avec Taylor Hunt

Magic, avec Sarah Noel Hargis

Needle Pointe, avec Taylor Hunt

Nioh, avec Philip

Platform, avec Haruna Shimonishi

Let it go, avec Sophie Merrison

Spider, avec Maria Adachi

Spiral, avec Adelene Stanley

Triforce, avec Claire Leske, Francesca Alice et Louella Hogan

Wings, avec Jessica Gabrielli

Balloon, avec Catherine Donato

Crayon, avec Stacie Leong et Tammy Ho

Red, avec Maria Adachi

Higher Education, avec Catherine Donato

More info :  Shawn Danker 

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