Unique and Beautiful Light Painting Portraits by Arnau Mas

Unique and Beautiful Light Painting Portraits by Arnau Mas 4

Objects and paintings that glow in the dark make unique photo subjects. However, like fireworks, lightning, and other self-illuminating objects, they pose serious complications for the photographer.

Arnau Mas is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Arnau focuses on portraiture, he shoots beautiful lifestyle, fashion and beauty photography.

This time he made something unique with light and painting. Using Fluorescent materials to form abstract patterns that are implemented on the face. Fluorescent materials instantly convert ultraviolet light to visible light. This is often referred to as day glow or black light paint. Phosphorescent materials store light and release it slowly, often referred to as “glow in the dark”. Fluorescent objects should be photographed while under a UV light source.

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