Bangkok Glow : Neon Street Photography by Xavier Portela

Bangkok Glow Neon Street Photography By Xavier Portela

Vibrant Nighttime Photos of Bangkok’s Neon Streets

Let’s kick off this week with a photography series showcasing the street life of Bangkok by photographer  Xavier Portela. Portela captures the vibrant Thai capital by stylistically documenting the city streets lit at night.

The photographic set is an interesting contrast to the Tokyo photos, which highlighted the enormity of the urban cityscape with its overwhelming neon signs. Here, Portela zooms in on the smaller alleyways, focusing on the street vendors that serve the hungry masses who come out to play at night when the heat and humidity drop.

For Portela, a self-described insomniac, wandering the streets of these foreign cities is the perfect creative way to pass his evenings. And after the success of the initial series, he decided to make Glow ongoing and add different cities into the mix. We’ll certainly keep an eye out for what other cities make the cut and get the “glow” treatment.

Xavier Portela’s neon photography of Bangkok captures the evening streets filled with vendors and vibrant activity.

Xavier Portela: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

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