Cute Colorful Small Drawings by Marija Tiurina

Cute Colorful Small Drawings by Marija Tiurina

Marija Tiurina is a Russian and Lithuanian artist and illustrator, based in London since 2009. Her work is rich and daring. In particular, she has experimented with traditional painting methods, fusing sculpture and street art, redesigning everyday objects, or simply channeling her creative energy into endless artistic products.

Today, it is for her small colored drawings that we find her again. A way for her to represent “fast autonomous ideas that can be implemented in an efficient manner,” she says.

Inspired by everything that can cross her path, Marija is attentive to everything that surrounds her: pop culture, literature, conversations with her relatives. “It’s important to always look around and listen. People underestimate the importance of our environment and how a set of commonplace thoughts can affect how we create, “she concludes.

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