10 Typography Tips for Financial Website Designers

10 Typography Tips for Financial Website Designers

There are uncountable things come to your way when thinking to design a financial website design – themes, color schemes, choosing a perfect image and of course content. While focussing on creating any new site, maximum people forget to focus on the font as they consider other technical parameters are more important and we understand that section is too essential but correct font size and style should be mentioned in your hit list. 

Typography may seem little important but actually, it plays a crucial role in the building of a finance related website. In fact, it has the power to bring your business on the board of success. In this article, we’ll proceed with 10 Typography Tips for Financial Website Designers that must be registered in their brain.

1. Use limited font styles in your website

For structured and professional web design, follow not more than 3 different font styles. 

Generally, adhere to the same font throughout a website because the use of limited font families will be good for your business. Each font style compliments to each other. Choose that three font styles which share maximum characteristics similar to one another. With this, the layout will be flow in a systematic way. Additionally, it gives a unique look to a website.  

2. Use font that distinguishes words

The most confusing thing is similar letter-formation in many typefaces. For example ‘i’ and ‘L’ can be confused you and poor spacing make it worse to understand. So whenever you choose any type, make sure it distinguishes each word in a different context. More importantly, make sure it won’t create any issue for readers. Maximum typefaces are generated to fall you in a pit, so in that matter, designers should be a little more careful. They must have knowledge of how and where to use the right context on a website. 

3. Avoid all text in caps format

The website text is in caps which means the whole text is in capital letters. It looks boring and hard to read. This is not worth in any condition. 

The capital letters especially whole text in the upper case looks unprofessional and not so interested. In this matter, avoid this type of pattern if you want to create a sophisticated website. 

4. Spacing error

Many of you might have noticed a spacing problem in the content. While inserting text, the designer forgets to balance the spacing between each word, each line and each paragraph. This minor mistake will lead to huge complications for the finance business. 

The designers always go step by step, so they must keep in mind the spacing concept in a deeper way as it results in heavy profit. 

5. Sufficient color contrast

Avoid using the same color for text and background as it misguides the reader and makes it difficult for them to distinguish the text. When text is clearly visible then the user can scan and read it more appropriately. 

Here is a list of contrast ratio; a designer should follow for better designing:

•    The large text must have at least 3:1 contrast ratio against its background.

•    A small text must have at least 4.5:1 contrast ratio against its background.

When you make up your mind which color contrast will suit your site, it’s essential to test it out on a couple of devices. In case, you’ll find a problem on any device this means there is a need to work on it because if a designer finds an issue then user will have the same. 

After correcting that error, test it one more time on variable devices, repeat this procedure until the problem is not properly eradicated from the site.

6. Avoid blinking text

Unfortunately, the blinking text is not successful in any way to gain the attention, in fact, it distracts the user in many ways. 

The content which flashes that might irritate the user and as a result, it puts a bad impression on your new user.  

Put the consistent and sophisticated text in a limelight through your website design. Sometimes, blink text reflects colorful rays and it makes the reader spend some extra time to understand the subject and as you know in this competition world, hardly one have time to spend on each topic. As competition is growing day by day, adequate websites have grown up all the way, so the user will plan to turn on another website instead of spending time on a single website.  

7. Don’t use text in red and green color

As we love the red and green color but imagine website text in red and green colors No! A big no. If you’re moving in a proper format and then why at last you’re disrespecting the whole design of your website by adding green and red color over text.

If you want to highlight anything over a website then also avoid using these color contrasts in your professional website.

8. Fonts for annual reports

To deliver annual reports on a website is the utmost part of a financial website. Try to use the tabular figures instead of proportional. This pattern will help to identify the decimal numbers in a more accurate way. In tabular font, all figures have the same width and the result is easier to identify. 

9. Proper format to design a brand personality

In order to attract more visitors to your website, it’s important to choose the font that well-indicate the brand’s overall personality. 

•    Choose the font that fits with your brand name

•    Choose the font that well describes the relevant image

10. Font for charts

Finalizing the best font for charts is a more difficult task. When you create graphs and flowcharts, it’s important to put the text and numbers well inside them. The fonts like Number pile will help to achieve a nice look.   


Typography exists to reward the website or you can say content. The choice of right Typography will help you to polish up your website in a new look. An experienced designer is the more understanding individual who knows the value of Typography and how it will lead to huge traffic to your website.  

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