Incredible Drawings with Photo Reality by Pietro Cataudella

Incredible Drawings With Reality By Pietro Cataudella 22

Artist, Pietro Cataudella creates these mind-bending photos joining together drawings with reality. This is not just brilliant but amazing too.

Have you ever think to make memory of all places you’ve visited? Well, of course, yes. You do as people are doing the same to keep record of their memories in form of pictures. In earlier, people were used to maintain pictures in album now everything is changed. Smartphone has taken place and no one need to keep images in hard form rather they save them in their phones.

Pietro Cataudella, an artist does it with amazing and unique way. He creates hybrid photo-drawing of the landmark and bend the drawing with reality. You can see these mind-bending photos joining together drawings with reality in an amazing way. Remarkable work he did.

Source via : downgraf

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