What Jewelry to Wear With Your Wedding Dress


When chosen carefully, the jewelry you wear on your big day will be that finishing touch elevating your bridal outfit. The pieces you go with on the wedding day should complement your dress while adding your style. 

Most brides opt for high-quality jewelry they can wear on multiple occasions. When looking for the right accessories, pay attention to the neckline, the fabrics, and the dress’s processing details.

If you are still confused and wondering what jewelry to wear with your wedding dress, here are some useful tips! 

1. Accentuate Your Neckline

Match your jewelry with your dress neckline. For a timeless look, pair a choker or a shorter necklace with a strapless or a sweetheart neckline. Statement chandelier earrings are also a great choice to go with these kinds of necklines if you decide to skip a necklace. 

A choker or a pendant (or both if they are delicate) will look perfect with a V-neck.

Eye-catching solitaire diamond pendant is both universal and subtle and will look stunning on a strapless wedding dress, a dress with thick shoulder straps, or a gown with a high neckline. 

2. How to Choose Bridal Earrings

Closed collar wedding dresses call for simple jewelry like single pearl earrings or solitaire diamond earrings. If your gown has a boat neckline, opt for swinging earrings. Make sure to take into account the shoulder details of the wedding dress.

Simple cuts allow pretentious pieces, while more plain earrings are the right choice for embroidered collars.

If you are looking for affordable bridal accessories with genuine gems, make sure to visit Moon Magic. The mesmerizing beauty of gemstones will add an elegant touch to your style while accentuating your bridal look on your big day. 

A hint: moonstone with its shifting colors looks magical, while luscious pink stone rose quartz adds a feminine appeal to your wedding outfit.

3. Match Your Metals to Your Wedding Dress

Not all wedding gowns are traditionally white, so when glamourize your look by accessories, use the color of your dress as the guide! Rose and yellow gold pieces are perfect for dresses in warm champagne tones or ivory nuances. 

For a romantic and feminine look, match your blush wedding gown with rose gold as pinky hues in your dress will look best with rose metals.

Dress with silver or grey hues goes hand in hand with silver jewelry, while classic white dresses with no undertones and color hues should be matched with bright metals like platinum or white gold with rhodium. 

4. Timeless and Classic Choice: Pearls

Pearls are always in style, creating a timeless and classic bridal look. The simplicity and elegance of pearls can add that extra finishing touch to your big-day outfit. Pearl jewelry is affordable and comes in all colors and a variety of shapes, so you can easily match it with your dress. 

Single- or double-stranded pearls are the perfect décolletage decoration for V-neck gowns. If you are looking for unique pieces, sleek and modern black pearls can be the focus of your wedding jewelry. 

Modern brides will love a delicate chain with a pearl bar or a drop necklace with a single pearl.

5. Bridal Bracelets

If your wedding dress has thick straps, opt for glamourous bracelets or basilisks. Single shoulder wedding dresses can be challenging to match with jewelry, but this is where bracelets come in! Ambitious bracelets and cuffs are a perfect choice. 

If your gown is simple and sleeveless, you can even wear two pieces of the same bracelet to both arms and create a fascinating symmetrical look.

A stunning cuff or a sleek bangle is a match made in heaven for a sleeveless dress with a high neckline. For a bolder, chic look, go with a chunky statement cuff.

Whatever the style of your gown, aim for a harmonious balance between dress and jewels, and remember: less is more!