10 Social Media Visual Content Design Trends and Ideas 2020

10 Social Media Visual Content Design Trends And Ideas 2020

Through the years, social media has gone far beyond being just a platform for socialization. The Internet has introduced a digital-first environment wherein social media design trends became essential in any digital-based marketing strategy.

A strong media presence contributes to a brand’s success when venturing into the digital platform. As per research, new brand discovery happens on popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, where consumers tend to find out about a product even without going straight to the brand’s website. The popularity of social media messaging apps, like Facebook’s Messenger, also made it easier for businesses to communicate directly with customers. This accessible method of reaching out between customers and businesses, helps in creating trust, engagement, loyalty, and eventually, business growth. 

Based on statistics, 63% of customers expect businesses to offer customer support through their social media and 90% of social media users have already connected with a brand through their social media platform.

Content authenticity matters a lot that companies crave being the first to introduce content that interests consumers the most. Having insight for future social media design trends come handy in building communities and create connections that would ultimately build the brand.

With this fact in mind, let this list be your guide to finish the remaining months of the year with a bang.

Here are the 10 design trends and ideas to post on social media to grow your followers and network.

1. Solid Pastel Background Colors

Idea and design by Petr Had

A mix of pastel and vivid colors make for a social media post that pops! This grid-like design looks current and youthful. The designer is able to come up with an effective design by utilizing images that sans their backgrounds. This made it easier for the designers to incorporate the images into solid pastel-colored backgrounds. It produced vibrant-looking images that appear lively and attractive.

2. Brightly-Colored 90’s-Styled Palette

Idea and design by pixelbuddha

Pixelbuddha introduces an exclusive new design style with 90’s vibes for Instagram templates that are editable on Photoshop. The customizable social media headers are collectively called Mono Social Media Pack. The designs use smart layers, vector elements and stickers with bright colors, format with paper cut-out image collages mixed with tiny geometric lines to make creative images. The design is fitted for bloggers, fashion shops, lifestyle pages, magazines, event agencies and creative design studios. 

3. Minimalist – Plain White Background

Idea and design by Marija Gelmanvoska

Having a plain white background really does wonders for any marketing-focused design. In this social media graphic design, a white background is used to create a nice contrast between the background and the subject. It effectively made the subject look neat and livelier. Take note, though, that having a white background requires intricate removal of backgrounds. The job should be perfect so that the resulting photo will look clean, especially when layered on top of a white background.

4. Playful Colors and Shapes

Idea and design by Janna Hagan

Another design that utilizes pantone color backgrounds to draw a fun and friendly mood. Incorporated in the design is the use of at least two color combinations and adorable bubbles and shapes. The vibrant circles added an entertaining character and fresh vibe into the visual. This design is great for Instagram stories that are meant to look cool and captivating.

5. Bright Colors and Color Gradients

Idea and design by Vicky

In this design that targets fitness apps, the focus is creating a bold vibe with bright colors and color gradients. The color theme looks fierce and would entice any fitness junkie to concentrate on their health goals. The image layers look nicely-put together, even the placement of the sample logo is subtle with opacity and slightly visible yet powerful. Even though design trends are all going flat, using bright colors and gradients on backgrounds never get out of style.

6. Asymmetrical Design

Idea and design by Jimmy Jing Xia

Asymmetrical design layouts generally make visuals more dynamic, normally off-center or are created with an odd number of contrasting elements. What is nice about this design is that there is an obvious attention to detail. A form of creative design using multiple elements like shapes, spaces, typography, images and lines, overlapping to each other. This design is perfect for social media visual content that is meant to promote an array of fashionable products, call to action, promote events and highlight awareness campaigns.

7.  Bold Colors

Idea and design by Ashit karmoker

Aside from white, other colors may also be used to highlight the subject. In this design that is clearly meant for the food industry, bold colors, like solid black and purple/blue gradients, help bring out the colors of the featured food items. The food looked even more sumptuous. The dark backgrounds also gave the impression of a neat presentation because it contrasted with the white plate. 

8. Sticker Inspired Design

Idea and design by Amall Suresh

Another design trend that is commonly used right now is using white stroke to outline the edges of your design elements like a die-cut sticker. It doesn’t only looks artistic but also highlights your subject. Adding some bright and loud colors to give the picture more energy, this design is one of the most effective social media design ideas you can try. With a free background remover, one can easily recreate this design and use it for an enthusiastic social media banner.

9. Isolated Subject

Idea and design by Landon Catalan

This social media graphic design is simplicity at its finest. Isolating the subject gives the designer more power to be creative by experimenting with more colors on the backgrounds and adding more elements like shapes and text. The simple yet bold placement of words and use of neutral tones made the subject look elegant. This design would be perfect for ecommerce, products and lifestyle social media accounts.

10. Bold & Overlapping Typography

Idea and design by Invasi Studio

Bold typography is attention-grabbing because it gives the illusion to directly focus on the content and context of the design. Your message can easily be delivered in a specific tone choosing the suitable typeface place in a graphically appealing manner. The overlapping text on the main graphic creates depth, movement and dominance. Bold text tends to vocalize lines making it to stand out more. 

Wrapping it up…

In most of the top social media design trends for 2020, you can observe that the designers use isolated images or those that have transparent backgrounds. This is because the effect looks more creative and dynamic. Those days where monotonous ads are long gone as the pictures look flat and uninteresting.  

It is also apparent that today’s graphic designers rely heavily on different methods to remove background from image. Since social media design trends call for a lot of layering, being able to remove background from image online free is a huge help for anyone who is into digital marketing. This means that creating a noteworthy banner design could be easy if aided with an easy-to-use photo background remover and photo editing tools

You may also notice how there are stickers, text-focused posts, and other fun and interactive-looking content on these designs. These are all meant to encourage engagement. When the design stirs a certain emotion, the viewer becomes attached to it. This now encourages the viewer to choose certain pages.

Therefore, it is not only authenticity but also more about creativity that delivers great results for any digital marketing campaign. It is very important that designers are armed with the right tools to create and achieve success from these social media design trends.