4 Photography Editing Styles Every Beginner Should Try

4 Photography Editing Styles Every Beginner Should Try

Today, 92.5% of photos are taken with smartphones and only 7% are taken with actual cameras. With how powerful smartphones are now, it’s become easier to take quality pictures without needing to buy an expensive DSLR camera.

But the quality of your picture-taking device is only part of what makes images look good. Knowing how to edit them can take your photos to a whole other level!

If you’re not sure what photography editing styles are out there, then keep reading. Here are 4 you should try out.

  1. HDR Editing

“HDR” is short for “high dynamic range”; you might’ve noticed this setting on your smartphone camera. When you select this mode, it’ll take at least 2 photos at different exposures, then merge them together for a more detailed and stunning picture. This ensures that your photos aren’t washed out or overly shadowed.

You can also manually do HDR editing. You’ll want the pictures to look as identical as possible, so a tripod is recommended when you take multiple shots. Otherwise, your final photo can come out blurry.

You can then upload these images onto your photo editing program then blend them together.

  1. High Contrast Editing

High contrast editing is fantastic for creating striking photos.

To do this type of editing, you need to first eliminate any distractions, such as clutter in the background. You can use a free background remover to do so.

Then, drag the slider for the contrast tool to the right to achieve the desired effect. The dark areas will become blacker and the bright ones will pop!

  1. Retro Editing

An old-timey feel can bring a cozy feel to your photos. While you might not have access to vintage cameras, you can certainly achieve the same effects with photo editing software!

The first thing you’ll want to do is add grain to your photo. You’ll also want to decrease the brightness and add a sepia tone.

You can also use some presets and filters that come with software and apps to speed up the process.

  1. Black and White Editing

Black and white editing can be similar to retro editing since you can add grain, decrease brightness, and add a black and white tone. But you can also create different effects by simply adjusting other tools, such as contrast.

Again, you can use presets and filters to quickly make your pictures black and white. Adjust the slider to make things more or less intense.

Experiment With These Photography Editing Styles

These photography editing styles only touch the tip of the iceberg. The fact is, there are so many features in editing software for photography that it’ll be easy to find your personal editing style.

Of course, photography editing classes can help as well, so if there are any near you, consider signing up for more pointers.

If you’re looking for good photography editing software, then keep reading our blog for more information!