Novelist Mark Albertson – Entertaining Readers with Intriguing Mystery

Entertaining Readers With Intriguing Mystery And Thriller Novels And Actively Participating In The Community

Novelist Mark Albertson – Entertaining Readers with Intriguing Mystery and Thriller Novels and Actively Participating in the Community

Thriller novelists compel readers to keep reading their stories by integrating various elements into the plot that make people anxious and nervous while keeping them on edge. People continue reading thriller novels due to the rapid twists and turns and their eagerness to discover what happens next in the story. Many thriller novelists also relate to real-life events, people, and organizations to make stories relevant and enable readers to empathize with the characters or their circumstances. Being a thriller novelist involves developing stories that fascinate readers with fast-paced plots and offering something new in every section. The stories in thriller novels usually integrate mystery, crime, and horror elements to surprise or shock readers with plot twists.

Thriller novels involve several overlapping themes and subgenres to integrate an element of surprise into the plot. Thriller novelists entertain, engage, and fascinate their readers using various strategies and techniques. Surprise, mystery, and suspense are essential in a thriller novel because they keep readers on edge while leaving them yearning for more. Novelists build anxiety and curiosity among readers by utilizing particular techniques related to the plot. The cliffhanger moments keep people glued to the novel and turning pages. For example, the buildup of a specific scene in the novel or the anxiety of revealing a particular aspect compels people to keep reading without putting the novel down. Many novelists develop storylines reflecting or representing real-world events and circumstances to enhance reader engagement. Mark Albertson is a thriller novelist who uses stories inspired by real-life events or individuals to write intriguing thriller novels.

Mark Albertson is a prominent novelist who started his novel-writing career in 2020 by releasing Steaming: A Sea Story. The novel, published by Lulu Press, is a thriller set in the mid-1970s at the end of the Vietnam War. The story revolves around Seaman Matthew Bertram, who enlisted in the navy for adventure and to travel the world. However, upon his arrival in the navy, he discovers that the war is not over and navy officials are still engaged in missions. Bertram engages in a mission with his shipmates that changes his life forever. The novel’s author Albertson paints a vivid image of the characters while bringing the U.S. Navy of the 1970s to life to engage readers.

The thriller novelist released the second novel of the series, Spying: A Sea Story, in 2021, with Irish Viking Publishing. The sequel also follows Matthew “Bert” Bertram’s mission to identify an intelligence leak and the culprits behind the incident. Bertram is selected for a mission by the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) aboard a U.S. Navy ship. The NCIS selected Bertram for the mission after the murder of two sailors attempting to sell sensitive classified information to the Soviet Union. The rapid twists and turns keep the readers engaged and turning pages to follow the fast-paced plot. Albertson integrates murder, spies, intrigue, espionage, and treason into a thrilling plot with several unexpected twists.

The third novel of the thriller series by Mark Albertson, Stalking: A Sea Story, came out in 2022 under the Irish Viking Publishing banner. The third novel in the trilogy follows NCIS special agent Matthew “Bert” Bertram on his quest to investigate the mysterious separation and drifting of a U.S. Navy ship into the San Diego Harbor with a cryptic note. Agent Bert discovers several mysterious occurrences and sabotage activities, where the perpetrator leaves cryptic notes. The novel keeps readers on edge as the agent races against time to find the culprit and uncover the espionage plot. Albertson keeps his readers engaged with the vivid characters and engaging storyline that compels readers to keep reading.

Mark Albertson is a thriller novelist, an attorney, an ex-Navy serviceman, and an active community member. He received several honors and awards during his tenure as an attorney, including the Seattle Magazine’s “Five Star” Money Manager Award for three years in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Albertson’s law firm also received awards for professional firm and business of the year. He served on several boards and bodies representing the community while offering his expertise as an attorney. He is a former gubernatorial-appointed Trustee of Green River College, Auburn, Washington, and a former National Alliance for Mental Illness board member. Albertson also served as the past president of the Rotary Club Southcenter, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, the Kent Downtown Partnership, the Mediation Consortium of Washington State, and the Highline Community Hospital Foundation. He is the chair of the advisory board of the School of Psychology, Family, and Community at Seattle Pacific University. Albertson is also on the board of directors of Angelcare Foundation and the Senior Housing Assistance Group. Mark Albertson is a prominent novelist, attorney, and speaker who entertains readers and audiences through his novels and speeches while being an active community member.