Prominent Author Manny Showalter

Prominent Author Manny Showalter – Solving Social Issues And Helping People Succeed Through His Books

Prominent Author Manny Showalter – Solving Social Issues and Helping People Succeed through His Books

Authors and books can significantly influence people’s perceptions while drawing attention to critical social issues and driving social change or transformation. Books motivate readers to think critically, sympathize with others, and act for good change via the tales they tell, the ideas they express, and the inspirationProminent Author Manny Showalter – Solving Social Issues and Helping People Succeed through His Books they instill among readers. Writers utilize their talent and penmanship skills to promote awareness and initiate critical debates about inequality, injustice, discrimination, and oppression. Authors question prevailing social conventions, advocate for social improvement by expressing their opinions and experiences, and bring social change by influencing or inspiring people to take action. Books primarily improve people’s perceptions or attitudes while increasing their awareness and education regarding complex social issues. Books and writers also highlight and educate about topics and issues that are otherwise challenging for many people to discuss or understand.

Books and writers help people overcome challenges and achieve their objectives by offering valuable advice and strategies for success. Writers also assist people in solving problems and overcoming complex social issues by providing inspiration, insight, wisdom, and guidance. Authors provide diverse viewpoints on complex issues and topics through their books, assisting readers in understanding and processing their own experiences. Authors also offer hope and inspiration to readers experiencing similar circumstances by discussing their own examples, struggles, and achievements. Many writers also help people gain financial objectives by offering valuable advice as subject experts and examples of personal success. Many writers also help readers and audiences address or read about ignored or overlooked issues. For example, some books shed light on crucial matters like sex life and utilizing techniques to minimize teen pregnancy. Manny Showalter is an author and motivational speaker highlighting social issues and offering financial advice.

Manny Diego Showalter is a writer, motivational speaker, businessperson, real estate investor, and philanthropist. Born on February 17, 1967, Showalter completed his early education and graduated high school in his hometown. He later completed his bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) from Central Western University to acquire business management and entrepreneurship skills. Showalter also had a passion for sports from an early age and participated in several sports and athletic competitions. The business graduate worked in several companies while fulfilling responsibilities in the management and finance departments to accumulate professional experience. The professional experience and a background in business administration compelled Showalter to start multiple firms focusing specifically on real estate development. The entrepreneur developed real estate firms to invest in real estate properties while helping people invest in real estate effectively according to their requirements, budgets, and expectations.

Showalter acquired substantial experience as a professional working in finance and management positions and establishing real estate firms. The finance professional and entrepreneur started giving motivational speeches in 2010 regarding the strategies and techniques to succeed. He also collaborated in establishing one of the earliest podcasts on YouTube called “Girl Talk Bistro” in 2012. Showalter later founded the Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation, a non-profit organization, in 2015 to prevent sex trafficking, teen pregnancies, child abuse, and addiction while improving the youth’s financial literacy. The foundation supports the youth and guides adolescents to lead healthy, happy, and prosperous lives through the Self-Made blueprint developed by Manny Showalter. The entrepreneur and philanthropist also invented the Protect Your Egg head protection gear for contact sports players in 2016 to prevent players from getting a concussion.

Manny Showalter started his writing career in 2010 with his first book, A Blue Print for Financial Success, and debuted his novel, The Cookie, in 2017, based on the coming-of-age story of Lauren and Robbie. The book is a guide for young females and an icebreaker for parents to develop a rapport with daughters regarding abstinence, safe sex, and adequate age for sex. The author wrote the book to help young women easily navigate the contemporary environment and trends of experimentation and promiscuity without experiencing isolation or feeling left out. Showalter used the book to highlight the significance of waiting till the right age to have sex to handle the effects of the life-changing experience. The book helps young readers understand the significance of waiting for the right time to have sex while minimizing accidental teen pregnancies that significantly burden young girls with excessive responsibilities.

The philanthropist, entrepreneur, and inventor continued his writing career by writing the Life Blueprint Academy for Teens and Young Adults in 2018. The book guides building wealth, preventing or minimizing debt, and living the American dream by developing a plan. The book contains several techniques, methods, insights, and advice regarding financial management. Showalter wrote the sequel to the Cookie novel, “The Cookie Diary: A Piece of Me,” in 2018. He also published “Self-Made: Combining Financial Knowledge & Self Experiences with Wisdom to Impact the Culture” in 2020 as a financial guide for people from his experiences and insights. Showalter addresses social issues and helps people succeed by offering advice and insights from substantial personal experience.