Wedding Details Inspired by Game of Thrones

Wedding Details Inspired by Game of Thrones

From the breathtaking grandeur of the castles to the lavish parties and the furs and gorgeous gilded gowns, who wouldn’t want to have a Wedding in Winterfell?

While Game of Thrones might be famous for its bloody and violent weddings, the settings and beautiful details lend themselves to a fairy tale wedding, and many die-hard fans of the hit television drama are throwing themed weddings in its honor.

If you’d love to have a wedding fit for The Mother of Dragons, here are some wedding details in a Game of Thrones theme.

Venue of Wedding

A castle, with its stone floors and soaring ceilings, would be perfect for a Game of Thrones wedding. Make sure to have a roaring fire and a musician playing a harp to help set the mood.

If you’re set on saying your vows under nature’s canopy, a secluded woodland setting will make an amazing outdoor venue. Faux furs and snow would make for the perfect Winterfell wedding backdrop.

Indoor or outdoor, the right lighting can create a romantic, old-world ambiance. Hang lanterns and lights from trees. Use fire torches and fire baskets to light a pathway.

Whether indoors or out, decorate liberally with flowers. Drape them in garlands from the backs of chairs and along tables, stream them from the ceiling or trees, and hang them in baskets.

Think texture in wood and metal. Decorate the venue with metal chairs. Fold some faux furs over the backs. Serve the meal on long tables fit for a feast.

Wedding Invitations

There are so many ways to have some fun with your Game of Thrones-inspired invitations; for example, you might title them “Wedding is Coming.” Calligraphy will give them that old-world feel. Seal them with a House Lannister red wax seal.

If you’re a fan of The Mother of Dragons – and who isn’t? – consider sending invitations in dragon eggs.

Table Décor

List your tables according to the different Game of Thrones houses: House Stark, House Lannister, House Greyjoy, House Baratheon, etc. It will be a source of conversation and entertainment for your guests. Use the map of the Seven Kingdoms, and design each table with the color and crest of that house.

Adorn the tables with flowers, flowing ribbons, and tall candles in vintage candleholders.

Serve the meal on pewter plates, and offer pitchers of fine wine in either gold or pewter glasses, and beer in horn mugs. If you can’t find metal plates and cutlery, use gold.

Wedding Meal Idea

When the characters in Game of Thrones aren’t scheming, fighting and murdering, they’re feasting on lavish meals. For your feast, make the centerpiece a roasted hog. Serve side dishes of local produce and lots of fresh herbs and with a distinct medieval flair such as roasted squabs, tender aromatic beets, squash, roasted apples, and thick, hearty bread. Serve mulled wine and perhaps luscious lemon cakes for dessert.

Wedding Cake Idea

If you’d prefer a traditional cake, think extravagant, with gold or silver detailing. The cake is a chance to have more Game of Thrones fun. The Iron Throne would make a perfect top, or perhaps three dragon’s eggs. Or decorate it with your favorite house crest. Consider even dripping some faux blood icing, in honor of the show’s famous and gory “Red Wedding” episode. Your guests will love it.

Wedding Dress Idea

Game of Thrones fans ooh and ahh over the show’s extravagant wedding dresses, even if the weddings themselves weren’t all happy affairs. Who wouldn’t want to be married in a gown worthy of Daenerys Targaryen or Cersei Lannister?

Daenerys, of course, is known for her light and airy bohemian style, while Cersei prefers waist-cinching blood-red brocade gowns, and Sansa Stark and Margarey Tyrell favor shades of pale blue, purple, and gold. Think lots of flowing material, in warm hues, gorgeous lacework, and metallics. Grecian-style dresses work well for summer, whereas a dress with a fitted bodice and empire line skirts is better suited for colder climates.

Finish the look with a crown – a tiara simply won’t do for a Game of Thrones queen. Add a faux fur, especially if your venue is outdoors. Of course, it’s not Halloween, so think inspiration rather than costume. You can also blend your favorite dress on the show with a more modern design.

Consider jewel tones for the bridesmaids, and add a floral cuff, hair jewelry, and brooch bouquets. The convertible dress worn by the character Missandei screams bridesmaid, as it can be worn differently according to different body types.

For the groom, adorn his suit with metal or gold, straps of leather, faux fur think Jon Snow and don’t forget the sword.

Wedding Hairstyle Idea

It’s not a stretch to say that Game of Thrones has inspired new hairstyles among women and men. The lovely Daenerys Targaryen first springs to mind, with her stunning long, bleached-white locks. Cersei Lannister might be evil, but she has wonderful hair, whether she’s wearing it up or down in long, wavy tendrils.

Pull it back or pile it on top in a set of intricate twists or braids. Weave in ribbons, a string of beads or jewels, or flowers such as roses and thistles. Style short hair like Brienne of Tarth – wavy and messy. Wear it half up in a bun, like Melisandre or The Red Woman.

Whether your hair is long or short, blonde or brown, there is no end of gorgeous GOT hairstyles to inspire you.


Everything about the show is a tapestry of rich colors and textures, so ditch the all-white wedding bouquet and add some colors and texture to your flower arrangements to emphasize the Game of Thrones vibe.

Wedding Jewelry

The bigger, the better, when it comes to jewelry and Game of Thrones characters. Wear a statement piece with colorful stones. Amethysts are referenced frequently in GOT, as the stone is meant to protect its wearer. Consider wearing a subtle arm cuff, like Daenerys Targaryen, to add glamor.

Pay homage to Khal Drago and Daenerys Targaryen and consider engraved cufflinks in their pet names for each other – “Moon of My Life” and “My Sun and Stars.” In Dothraki legend, the moon is the goddess, the wife of the sun.


Set up an Iron Throne photo booth, which will be a wonderful and entertaining keepsake for your guests. Other wedding guest favors could be Game of Thrones metal bookmarks, key chains, or wine glass charms.

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