5 Stunning Beach Wedding Photography Poses for Newly Weds

Beach Wedding Photography Ideas

Planning to throw a wedding party at a beach should not be prepared your would-be beach wedding photography poses. Beach is not just a abundant water with waves, but it enables you capture memorable photos. Either you choose the coastline, cliff or when it is about to sunset, here are some ideas for happy grooms and brides.

A Swing and Kiss

wedding photo pose idea

Be sure groom is strong enough to hold up the bride against with his hands circling on her buts. The bride kisses grooms with her great affection. Beach is blurred to make the couple clearly visible and gives more intention.

A Sunset Hug

wedding pose at beach

Make sure you choose summer to have this photo shot. With sunset as the background, the groom is standing with his bride hugging him from his back. Her hands get through under his arms, and the groom’s hands are in his trousers’ pocket.

Waves and Coral

beach photo wedding idea

Blue and white are two main colors of sea. Why don’t you take advantage of this? Standing on a coral with couples standing very close, photo taking is done while the waves coming, closing their feet. Wearing blue-sky color shirt creates incomparable effect.

A Kiss on Cliff

beach wedding photo tips

Using sea as the background is an excellent idea. The couples are standing on brownish cliff, kissing romantically. The wind blows the bride’s wedding dress, making a very distinct effect. Groom and bride hold hands each other, as if both do not want to get separated.

A Fun and Cheerful Photo on White Sand Beach

wedding pose idea at beach

In addition to romantic photos, you can have a fun and cheerful pose. Take advantage of the white sand on the beach and draw heart. Groom and bride are standing inside the heart ring. Groom is best wearing a white shirt with loosing buttons, while his trousers are rolled up ankle. The bride is just standing inside. The use of raining flowers while the photo taking makes it incredibly perfect.

A lot of poses are possible to do at beach. With natural properties, there are plenty of beach wedding photography poses so that you can have a stunning wedding photo album.

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