Sinuses: Funny Illustration Series by Tiago Hoisel

Sinuses: Funny Illustration Series by Tiago Hoisel

Any artistic expression can leave an indelible impact on your mind when created with dedication, technique, intellect and wit. Wit and intellect are the two essential assets without which you cannot afford to play around with humor through your art.

If you have these in you, you can always work on your technical skills to give your art that complete and desired look. The art of Tiago Hoisel is probably one of the finest examples of this genre.

Tiago Hoisel is a Brazil based caricature illustrator who uses digital technology to show a combination of fun and realistic images through his work. To give his art an impressive turn, he also applies his 3D skills in them. His collection of art work is so vast that you can spend your entire day and night simply browsing through it.

via Behance

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