Five Tips for Insane Party Lovers

Five Tips for Insane Party Lovers

Do you want a night out to remember? Who doesn’t actually? But if you are a party lover, you know that there are certain factors that need to line up in order to call a night insane.

A series of events can lead to an epic party that we will still remember 5 years from now but most of them don’t and should not depend onus. Still, there are certain tips that can help you have the time of your life basically any time you want to party. They are so simple that they will stick in your hand once you browse through them. Here we go.

Make No Plans

The best parties and nights out are those that we have not expected at all. Do not ruin your party with plans what you will do, how much you will drink or how many new phone numbers you will get. If you set certain “goals” you might be disappointed and find yourself back home earlier than you have expected.

Everyone knows that the best things happen without much preparation and are often the result of pure luck. It might start as an average night out and turn out to be the greatest adventure of your life. So, if you are a real party lover, exclude expectations from your menu and let your soul feed on insane surprises.

Don’t Let the Shame Spiral Take Hold of You

One of the things to ruin your party is constantly thinking about time or what you need to do tomorrow. If you keep track of the time you won’t be able to really dive in the atmosphere around you.

Imagine that it is 5.00 in the morning and you are about to welcome the sun on the beach after a great party. Open your senses to it and live for the moment. If you start thinking that you should have been in bed 4 hours ago or that you won’t be good for the family brunch in a couple of hours, you are letting the spiral of shame take over you.

The best way to enjoy a party is to ditch the regret – the regret of not going home early is the worst of all as all good things end exactly when they should, not a minute later, nor earlier.

Ditch the car

Being the driver is a sure sign that the amount of fun you can have is limited. It causes stress and can be tremendously dangerous in case you sit behind the wheel intoxicated. Being an insane party lover does not equal being irresponsible. So, simply ditch the car next time you are going to a party.

You can pool with friends and hire a car driver or even a limo and start having fun while still traveling to the party. You will not only arrive with style but already in the right mood to party till down with one less worry (the car) on your mind.

Pair With Another Party Animal

Having fun is always better with friends but the fact that none of your usual company is going out doesn’t mean that the night won’t be epic. There is at least one like-minded person who has decided to party tonight without their usual entourage. As birds of a feather flock together, you will surely spot each other immediately. Quite often, the secret to having a great time is sharing it with a complete stranger.

Consider this a one-night-stand friendship. You have the same interests and you enjoy the party, so simply share the experience. Have fun as a pair of party animals who have no restrictions and obligations. Say goodbye when you leave and keep the good memory of the party night.

Throw a Party to Remember

If there is nothing interesting in town why don’t you throw an epic party yourself? It is as simple as that: find the right location, secure interesting food, original alcohol, add some glitter and the mood will come.

  • Location – choose a place, which is unique and original. Dare to make something that no one has ever done, as long as it is feasible. Look for a location that needs no specific decoration, if possible – an apartment with a great view, an unusual party place, the orchard in the backyard can all serve as a perfect party venue.
  • Food – choose something that is appealing both to the eyes and the mouth. You know how popular food pictures are around the social networks, so let your friends feast their senses and flood Instagram with the best party food served in town. Tip: it doesn’t have to be expensive to look posh. Be creative!
  • Alcohol – quality over quantity is your best shot here. The aim is not to get everybody drunk but to let them taste rare or craft beverages.
  • Glitter – don’t you even think of throwing a party without glitter. It’s a must! Full stop.
  • Mood – you will set the right mood by having fun yourself

There are many tips on how you can have a great night out but the best piece of advice for having a good time is to count on yourself and yourself only. Do not expect someone to make it fun for you or to improve your mood. Put on your smile,dress in your best mood, brush up your confidence and voila!

Write By : Mark, he is passionate travel writer,He has 5 years of experience in blogging and writing.

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