6 Different & Beautiful Ways To Show Your Creativity On Painting Canvas

6 Different & Beautiful Ways To Show Your Creativity On Painting Canvas

Assemble all requisite tools; adjust your drawing sheet over the board and what else? You are ready to begin your artistic journey. 

Canvas painting is surely for all the artists who want to showcase their talent and present their creative art to the whole world. From the beach scene to inspirational canvas, you can create any piece that looks classy, funny and professional. 

If you have good command on basic to high-level painting techniques and styles, its pretty cool because it will help you along the way. Having sufficient knowledge of color, texture, composition, brushes, and tone will assist you to bring out your masterpiece. Don’t hide your talent, create and share your wallpaper with confidence. 

Furthermore, let’s analyze 6 different and beautiful ways to expose your creative design on canvas.

1. Pixel Painting

Pixel painting is an amazing artwork to hang in an office, bedroom and living room. It can be painted by professional artists only because it requires clean and accurate work which a beginner or learner cannot afford to do in a proper manner. 

Draw same sized squares across the surface of your canvas. Paint each square with a slightly different tone to bring up real magic of your creation. A canvas gives professional look when variable shades are toned in each square.         

2. Splash Art

Splash painting is appeared to decorate your living room with vibrant colors. It is easy but you have to invest your conscious mind into it as a little carelessness can spoil your sidewalls.

The mechanic of splash art: Paint a canvas with one solid color and further splatter vibrant colors across the surface. You should perform this DIY project somewhere away from your home decor so that it doesn’t affect your valuable home accessories.    

Additionally, you can write a quote over this canvas but first, let the paint dry. This time, you have to write words by opening your mind and eyes because a single mistake can hurt your whole splash art.

3. Twinkling Canvas

Twinkling canvas is famous for the Christmas season. Many of you love this artwork when it appears during Christmas month. There is a simple technique that brings your artistic skills overboard.

Paint your canvas black. Before turning to the original sheet, first practice on separate paper and make up your mind on how to line up everything that makes sense and look attractive. Use a white board pen to write over a black painted canvas. In case, you make a mistake, let the white paint dry and again colored canvas with black color.

Here in twinkling canvas, you can make holes and add lights to it. Finally, your canvas is ready to display. At the same time, you can take advantage of digital technology: Upload your own art on different apps like Xenbu ASO and get a chance to take part in an online contest. 

4. Oil Painting

Oil painting is another great technique to explore your creativity. Earlier, it was done with charcoal or thinned paint onto a canvas. In this artwork, dry oil like linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil, and poppy seed is involved to shed some light on attractive work. When you are going to bring out your innovative style on board, carefully choose the color tubes. A great artist said; In the starting of your oil paintings’ career, limit your palette. Try to engage minimum colors in your canvas paintings.

Always try to use the palette knife if you are creating it the very first time after learning basic skills. Turn to brushes when you gain adequate knowledge of how to apply color and oil over the canvas.

5. Geometric Canvas

Make it yourself at home and sell it online with good price. Geometric canvas is a fun activity for art lovers. Create any geometric pattern and fill up with slightly different shades to make it beautiful. Follow the same pattern to color the whole canvas sketch with your imagination. Here a few techniques can work to pull out the most amazing art piece. If you are using two shades, repeat that in a proper format.

6. Yarn Art

If you are wandering for creative canvas ideas, consider making yarn art. It is a simple yet perfect idea to design your living room. Cut yarn in any format and paste it with a clue on board. Color your canvas with your choice of colors and see the magnificent artwork in front of your eyes.

These classy designs can be used to hang at your bedroom and kids’ room. You can color it with multiple shades. Create the finest quality yarn art and sale it online and win exciting cash prizes.

Are you ready for a challenge? Learn and apply painting techniques to your work and turn your trash into treasure. For more art ideas visit B.R. Howard, a leading art conservation studio.

Write by : Ethan Koller is an expert blogger. He follows sufficient research work to deliver blogs or articles on different concepts. He writes for artists, designers and painters and his main aim is to spread the magical words to every individual’s mind. A beginner or even an established art designer can read his blogs to put the innovative themes in their work. Additionally, he can study the motive behind artists’ creation. Examples are more powerful to attract the audience’s interest and he considers the same idea in his writing format.

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