5 Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas

5 Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas 1

The concept of a honeymoon is quite different to what it was a few generations back. While it is still very much a time for newly-weds to celebrate the beginning of a new phase in life, it’s also become a chance to build incredible memories with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For that reason, more and more couples are choosing to swap 2 weeks by a generic pool for a more adventurous vacation. If you and your other half are happiest when you’re taking on the world together, why not start your marriage as you mean to go on? If you like the sound of a more unusual honeymoon, here are 5 adventurous honeymoon ideas to inspire you. 

1. Go on an African Safari

It doesn’t get more adventurous than heading off on an African safari. Botswana and Kenya are very popular safari destinations, but Namibia is also a great choice as it is much more sparsely populated. For some reason, it also attracts fewer visitors which is surprising as it offers incredible wildlife watching opportunities, luxury accommodation, breath-taking starry skies, and the roads are in good condition for couples who want to drive themselves. It also has beautiful and unique landscapes, as well as the chance to take a hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert at dawn.

2. Sail in the Caribbean

While the Caribbean is not exactly an ‘off-the-wall’ honeymoon destination, sailing away in a yacht together is not your average trip by any means. You can book Caribbean Villas or sail a yacht by yourselves if you’re confident or hire a skipper to take you around the islands. They are incredibly professional and respectful of your privacy as a couple but will ensure you get as much out of your romantic voyage as possible. The Caribbean is ideal because the islands are close together, the wind is relatively calm and reliable and there are beautiful secluded coves for swimming and snorkeling. 

3. Take a Road Trip 

At the beginning of your marriage, you are facing an open road, so why not extend the metaphor and take your own road trip? Rent yourself a car with 

International Car Rental which you can pick up at the airport and let the wind (and map) be your guide. There are some great routes such as the Amalfi Coast in Italy or Ruta De La Plata (also known as the Route Of Silver) in Spain, but if you prefer you can always head to the more rural areas for a quieter trip such as Scotland’s North Cost 500.

4. Hike in Australia 

It’s true that hiking may not appeal to everyone, but there is a way you can combine adventure and luxury by taking a guided walk. There are several Great Walks of Australia which include an expert guide, luxury glamping facilities, excellent food and drink and exclusive access to areas of wilderness not generally available to visitors. You could combine your trip with some stays in luxury lodges along the way, as well as other adventure activities or indulgences.

5. Cruise in The Galapagos

Animal lovers are drawn to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador because of the unique and endangered species there, but that’s not all it offers honeymooners. You can also take a romantic cruise around the islands so you can observe the wildlife from the comfort of the boat or go snorkeling in the sea. 

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