Could These Be The Most Instagrammable Locations in the World?

Could These Be The Most Instagrammable Locations In The World

They say a picture says a thousand words, and in many cases, they probably say a lot more than that. The growing popularity of social media has given a platform to some of the most inspiring creatives and photographers across the globe. Their accounts of travel adventures and local hotspots have paved the way for a myriad of explorers hoping to capture the same magic. 

One platform taking center stage is Instagram. Here you’ll find some of the most photographed destinations on every continent, including Antarctica. Plus, some hidden gems that are certainly worth exploring. 

If you’re seeking out the next place to discover, could these top Instagrammable locations be the top of your list?

Hong Kong 

This destination is a vibrant and inspiring place to begin your travels. The Hong Kong hashtag has over 30 million posts, and it’s not hard to see why. The variety of cityscapes, architecture shots, and bustling street pictures paints a captivating picture of the location. People visit to capture some of the most iconic Asian skylines, and Victoria Peak is one of the popular spots to get a complete view of the city. 


Canada is a country that has one of the most diverse landscapes across the globe. In one breathe, you are exploring the vibrant city locations, and in the next, you could be skiing the snowy slopes of Banff. With over 50 million posts on Instagram, you can see the variety of people and places photography that takes place. A popular spot that pops up all the time is Lake Louise. The azure waters with a backdrop of snow-topped mountains make for Canada’s most photographed location. 


India is an up and coming travel location, and it’s not short of places to fill up your Instagram grid. The vibrant culture and rich community vibes in cities, towns, and villages have captivated audiences, making it one of the top places to capture an inspiring shot. From its heritage sites to stunning waterfalls, there’s a host of places to admire. Explore India vacation packages and see the range of options available for your next trip. 


This spectacular destination is made up of 17,000 islands that are each unique and truly enchanting. Influencers have been scouting this spot for several years, trying to take the ultimate picture for Instagram, and some have certainly nailed it. The rice fields and undulating landscapes always catch the eye. Plus, let’s not forget the dreamy poolside views overlooking the island’s stunning shorelines. 

South Africa

To get back to nature, you need to take a trip to South Africa for a fantastic safari experience. You never know what you might see, so it’s best to have your camera ready for anything. This is an excellent opportunity to get a great shot, but it’s also ideal for appreciating the importance of our natural world. Plus, if you get the right balance, your photography could capture both these elements to share with your audience.