A Guide to Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

A Guide To Hand Tied Hair Extensions

As the coronavirus vaccine gets distributed throughout the country, women have begun to research the latest fashion trends for them to follow as soon as they start to venture back out into the world. When it comes to hairstyling, one can choose from various fashion trends that differ from one another in terms of size and color. Another choice a hairstylist has to make is the technique with which they are going to implement the style. Along with the more common techniques of clip-ins and sew-ins, the technique of hand-tied extensions has also gained popularity. For example, hair salons in Springfield Missouri report a rise in demand for modern techniques including hand-tied extensions. 

Introduction To Hand-tied Extensions:

So, what exactly are hand-tied extensions? Hand-tied extensions is a hair-styling technique whereby the stylist attaches beads onto a row of a customer’s natural hair. The stylist then attaches wefts onto the row of beads by hand-tying the wefts with threads made of nylon or cotton. The client’s desired result, hair density, and hair length all make a difference when the stylist is deciding the amounts of beads and wefts to be used. Your hair’s unique qualities will determine the time your hand-tied extensions styling will take; however, if we were to give a rough estimate, we would say it takes between two and two and a half hours. Notice how this technique is easily distinguishable from the more common techniques of clip-ins, sew-ins, and tape-ins. 

Price Of Hair Styling:

One thing you definitely need to consider before hiring a service is the price. The location of the hair salon, your desired hair-styling result, hair density, and hair length will all determine the amount of money a hand-tied extensions styling will cost you. However, if someone asks us for an approximate price estimate for receiving a hand-tied extensions hairstyling, we would say it starts at 200 dollars. It is important to note that this is only the cost of the hair-styling labor and does not include the cost of the additional hair tied in. 

Cost Of Additional Hair:

Before we determine the cost of the additional hair required, we need to decide on exactly how much extra hair we need. If your objective is to make your hair look more voluminous, you will need approximately four to eight wefts although those with finer hair types may have to purchase up to ten wefts. Along with the volume of hair needed, factors such as the brand name and location from where you are purchasing hair affect the cost which you will have to pay for the additional hair. More established brand names charge higher prices; for example, hair extensions industry giant Glam Seamless offers eight individual wefted 20-inch hand-tied bundles for prices upwards of 399 dollars. Lustro Hair offers hand-tied bundles of different lengths for prices upwards of 145 dollars. If you are not sure which hair to invest in, it is always good to take advice from the people working at your hair salon.


The upkeep of hand-tied hair extensions consists of two main parts – pushups and weft replacements. In general, hand-tied extensions need to be pushed up every six to nine weeks. 417 Studio, one of the best beauty hair salons in Springfield, Missouri, charges anywhere from one hundred to two-hundred dollars for a weft push-up. Obviously, these prices may vary when the location, hair salon, or make of the weft being pushed up changes. One thing is for certain though. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments with your hair extensionist for pushups is crucial to the health of your hair. This is because pushups are important to ensure there isn’t too much tension in your hair.

Once every year, the hair itself needs to be replaced. Given they go to the same hair salon and get the same make of hair tied in, one can expect to pay approximately the same cost when replacing the wefts as they paid when they initially got the wefts tied in. On a daily basis, you should make sure to use the right kind of shampoo and other hair products to keep your hair looking healthy and pretty.

Hair Types:

Another question many people ask is whether hand-tied extensions work for all hair types. While some sort of hand-tied extensions can be applied to everyone, the technique is applied best to people with straight or wavy hair as the beads will lay flatter against your head and detangling is easier done nearer to the root. So, what about people with curly hair? Hair extensions generally recommend the sewn-in method for people with curly hair.


We hope this article has helped you decide whether the hand-tied extensions method for hair styling is right for you or not. Good luck!