Safety Guidelines for Manicure and Pedicure at Home

Safety Guidelines For Manicure And Pedicure At Home

The hair and dress are the first things that people notice about you but along with it, nails are also the foremost noticeable characteristic. Having beautiful nails is more a matter of caring than a matter of luck, thus, you must care for them correctly. You should never abuse your nails by biting, picking, and poking them with utensils. 

Furthermore, you need to keep your toes presentable. Therefore, to keep the toes in tip-top shape the pedicure is the oldest ritual people participate in which is also paired with a manicure for good maintenance.

So, to keep your feet and hands stay beautiful and infection-free you can pamper them at home with a DIY manicure pedicure. You just need some products and get yourself a professional experience at home. So gather these products and follow the step by step safety guide at home. 

Prep your Nails

Follow these quick tips for a pedicure at home to make your dull feet and toenails look perfect. It would not take long if you learn these basic routine tips for pretty feet. Moreover, if you do not want to do it yourself, do not have time or products then you can always go to a salon.

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Remove Nail Polish

First, you must prepare your toenails, remove your old nail polish before beginning the pedicure using a cotton ball and nail polish remover. Remove the nail polish properly and swipe nail edges thoroughly. To remove the sharp edges use clean toenail clippers and trim the nails across from the outside. 

Moreover, you can have a complete nail care kit that has a buffer to smooth out the nail. Take warm water and soak your toes in it with sea salt or organic soap for 5 to 10 minutes. It will clean your nails and soften up the cuticles. 

Apply Lotion

You can also use cream or lotion to soften your cuticles. Afterward, use a wood stick gently when pushing back overgrown cuticles to loosen them. Press the cuticles gently back so they let the full nail show up. Give your feet a pleasant, and moisturizing massage while applying organic foot cream. At last, paint your toenails, it would be better to apply two coats of polish and allow it to dry. 

Protect Cuticles

Be sure to apply the cream regularly to moisturize the nails especially after removing nail polish. The dermatologist at Oregon health science University says to always protect the cuticles and never cut them or forcefully push them back as it could lead to infection. Therefore, only gently push them back after a bath.  

Licensed Salon

While all the nail salons have strict cleanliness and disinfection guidelines, you must ensure that you go to the most reliable one. Look if the stations are clean or not and the technician has the necessary experience and license. Furthermore, you must look for even small details for example, if the nail technician washes hands or not. 

Moreover, if dirty tools are lying around then it is a red signal. Besides, you can ask how they clean their tools without any hesitation. Thus, if you reside in Gainesville then you must find yourself the Best Nail Salons in Gainesville, FL.

Shave Legs After Pedicure

You must not shave your legs at least before 24 hours you get a pedicure. This is because pedicure could lead to infection if you nick yourself. 

Footbaths Disinfection

You must thoroughly look if the filters and footbaths are thoroughly disinfected or not. However, if they are not properly disinfected they can create bacteria and fungus.

Say No to Artificial Nails

You must never wear artificial nails to cover up your nail problems. It would only make them worse if you are prone to fungal infection or have brittle nails. Furthermore, people with healthy nails can wear artificial nails and make sure to keep them clean.


You must often pamper your feet and hands. Feet tend to get rough with constant walking, weather conditions, or dryness. Many people prefer to do it at home rather than going to the salon. Therefore, you need to learn that it should not be done using dirty tools or unclean foot spas.  You also need to be careful about the people you hire to sculpt your nails. 

Fungus infection can cause bad results on fingers and toenails, it may crack, discolor, and look unhealthy. To keep these unpleasant nails out of sight you must treat them right. Thus, Keep these tips in mind next time you start to do a manicure pedicure and follow the safety guidelines.