Stunning Swedish Nature Photography Captured by Magnus Dovline

Stunning Swedish Nature Photography Captured by Magnus Dovline

Photographs of nature provides glimpses of animals, forests or mountains that may not be seen in person. Many Nature photographers try to educate people about the beauty of nature, often with the hope that more people will be inspired to help the environment.

As did Magnus Dovlind, he has dedicated his life to nature photography. This Swedish photographer Magnus Dovlind always have great passion and curiousness for nature. Few year ago his back was damaged with an accident, this incident changed his life and he want to change his career and he bought a camera and started nature photography as a therapy. Check these below stunning photographs and inspire.

Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed spending time in nature, and I’ve been of the creative character. Somehow I have found the perfect balance for me, I can be creative in nature. For me the most important thing about photography is to show that there is beauty in everything, everyone experiences an image in different ways and that’s the beauty of it. I’m trying to show my own mood combined with nature’s mood in my photography. There are millions of small details in the forests and countryside that I’ve seen through the lens, things I never thought of before. And those details and feelings that I see I want the viewer to experience.

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