Wedding Photography Poses Ideas for Couples

Wedding Photography Poses Ideas For Couples 4

In addition to your wedding location, dress or ceremony, wedding photography poses with your beloved couple shall create an attractive look and ever-lasting memory. Poses are not simply standing up while hugging your couple. They tell your romantic story in your life.

A lot of wedding poses are just right there, but the ideas do just cross to your mind. Well, actually, a little variation like hand placement or head positioning can make a great pose. Here are some ideas you can choose for your wedding day.

Hands and Heart

Heart is the symbol of love. You can actualize your love through your photo. To have this pose, the groom faces the bride, his hand circles through her waist and makes a shape of heart. Groom holds his hands. The photographer takes the photo from behind the groom where the heart is overlooked.

wedding photography pose idea

Simple Chalkboard with Your Names on It

This pose is best used for your wedding album. Prepare a DIY chalkboard with you and your couple’s names on it. Customize your font as you wish. Groom and bride hold each end of the chalkboard. While holding it, groom kisses the bride romantically. Feel the kiss and get your guests amused.

wedding photography pose unique idea

A Laying Pose with Shattering Pieces of Papers

A fall forest is a perfect place to have this pose. Take your couple’s book and shatter those pieces on the ground. While you are laying on them, the groom holds the right arm of the bride. The key of this pose is on the properties. You may make your own pose.

nice pose for wedding photography

A Smiling Greet

A smile from the bride implies a lot of things. She hugs the groom from the back, and seems to be greeting without words. A meaningful smiling greet makes this pose so cute.

good idea wedding photography pose 

A Kiss on Forehead

This classical kiss for your wedding photo shoot is endless meaning. A unity of two persons implies inseparable two human beings. Holding the bride’s hands tightly is the key of this pose while both are standing face to face.

Groom and bride have a lot of ideas to try for wedding. The photo taking does not need nice poses, however. The photographer plays important role as well. Interaction between couple and photographer will create the best wedding photography poses.

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