Beautiful and Creative Editing Photos by Egzon Muliqi

Beautiful and Creative Editing Photos by Egzon Muliqi

Egzon Muliqi is an artist living in Drenas, Kosovo. He loves all artistic genres, but he prefers photography.

This artist started to create and edit photographs two years ago. He began publishing his creations on the Picsart mobile app, then on the Instagram app to be closer to photography enthusiasts.

He does not use any camera to create his photographs. Indeed, he uses royalty free photos to create new images using mobile Photo editing applications. “I love doing that because it’s very creative and imaginative. (…) I created all my photos using mobile apps like Picsart or Lightroom. He said.

Egzon hopes to inspire his community through his creations. As he explains to us: “I believe that the most beautiful use of the imagination is creativity, so what inspires me is to create images that can inspire others, to create and appeal to their imagination. . “

We love his creations! Let’s discover below …